Leap Year Lesson #75: There’s No Place Like Home

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Perceptions
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I love to travel. For a number of years when I was self-employed, I was on the road about three weeks per month. That was perfectly fine with me. I enjoyed it. I got to see all kinds of places I would not have otherwise seen. My wife got to join me on occasion. I have very fond memories of most of those trips.

Travel doesn’t take much of my time any more for work or pleasure, but when I do travel, the ending is always the same – I love coming back home.

After seven nights at South by Southwest in Austin, TX, by yesterday I was anxious to get on that plane and get back to my family, my dog and my own comfortable surroundings. There is just something about settling in to your own chair with your favorite drink in your own castle (however small) that is always better than what even the nicest hotel can offer.

I am grateful that my home and family are a joy to return to. I realize that not everyone is as fortunate, and my heart goes out to those who yearn to get away for good or who fear to come back. Everyone should have that safe haven to call their own.

Today’s lesson isn’t anything that most (if not all) reading it have said themselves after a long vacation or time away. It’s good to be reminded, though, that the grass is pretty green on my own side of the fence. I have all I really could ever need and so much more.

So excuse me while I put on my ruby slippers, click my heels together, and say along with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz leap year lesson #75 – There’s no place like home.

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