Leap Year Lesson #77: It’s Fun Watching the Next Generation

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Change
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Today was my granddaughter Abby’s first birthday party. There were more people at my son and daughter-in-law’s house than I’ve seen there before. Among the guests were a number of young couples I did not know, several of whom had their own young child with them. It was fun just watching the children and watching the parents and other family and friends interact with them.

Of course, there were many pictures of Abby playing in her cake and getting it all over her. First birthdays are made for such moments.

I have been very aware for the past year or two of watching a younger generation move into roles that will carry us into the future. Whether at work, church or in personal life, it’s happening. And it is right that it does.

At work, for example, I have no inclination to climb a corporate ladder at this stage of my life. I would much rather enjoy what I do and help younger people achieve their career goals. As the old dude on my team at work, I’m in a good place to do that with some exceptional young professionals who deserve whatever they want in terms of their careers.

When I sit in church any given Sunday now, I cannot help but notice new, young faces that I do not know, some of whom are assuming more visible roles. That is so welcome and needed. It gives me confidence in the future of that body.

And in personal life, of course, I think often of my children (now very much adults) and the lives they lead and the decisions they face and the fact that the days of my formative influence are long past.

In watching basketball games this weekend, I can’t help but wonder what the satisfaction of a coach feels like when his team does well. Maybe, though, I already know from watching a very capable, gifted, caring, intelligent, fun generation enter into its own.

For the most part, I think we’re in good hands, and I’m going to enjoy seeing where they take our world in the years ahead.

Leap year lesson #77 is It’s fun watching the next generation.

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