Leap Year Lesson #126: Do Something Positive Today

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Attitude

Yesterday after a brief email exchange with my coworkers I posted the following simple question on my company’s internal social media platform: “What do you love about our company and about working here?”  The origin of the question stems from a conversation someone in our department was about to have with a person in our Human Resources area and we wondered how people might respond.

What resulted (as I expected) was a consistent series of comments by others (20 in just a few hours) explaining their personal, heartfelt reasons for appreciating our company and explaining why they love their jobs.  I expect the thread to grow significantly from there and can envision it being a recurring thread for a long while to come.

It’s easy to criticize and complain when there are things that irritate or frustrate us, when new policies and practices surface that we disagree with, and when decisions are made that force us to do things we don’t want to do.  It takes more energy and perhaps a willingness to swim against the current to do and say something intentionally positive.

What I didn’t expect from my posted question was the number of thanks I received just for posting something positive!  What does that say about the tone of many other posts and the need for positivity?

We all know that customers are more likely to share their gripes and complaints with more people than they are their positive experiences.  As customers ourselves, you and I are probably in that same pattern of behavior.  So why not take a moment and switch gears today to intentionally do something and to be positive in a way that stands out from the norm?

The positive behavior may not only help your outlook and attitude for the day, it may be the bit of sunshine in someone else’s day that they need to dispel the darkness.

Leap year lesson #126 is Do something positive today.

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