Leap Year Lesson #129: Security is Subjective

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Security

Security is subjective.  Think of the areas of life where the term “security” is applicable…

In your home – your castle – do you feel secure?  If so, why?  Is it because you’re cozy there?  Is it because you have a security system that alerts you and others of any breach?  Is it because you have a loaded gun or two handy to take matters into your own hands?  Is it because you have a person or a pet present and are confident in their protection of you?  Is it purely a matter of faith?

What about financial security?  Do you have that yet?  How do you define it?  Will your definition match that of others you know – even others in the same house?  Probably not.  Are you set for what you need throughout an indefinite number of years in retirement?

Do you feel secure in your career?  Are you confident your job and your company will still be here one, five or ten years from now?  Are markets and laws and social trends moving in a direction that solidify your career choice or that may disrupt it?

And then there is always the matter of relational security.  Are you on solid ground with those around you or is the earth trembling a little under your feet?

This week as I stay at my parents’ farm house-sitting, I feel secure in my castle for several of the home security reasons mentioned above.  (Test that claim and you’ll find out the hard way which ones.)  Financially I’m not where I’d like to be at age 55, but I have everything I need and have no fears of going hungry or homeless in the years ahead.  As for my career, there is a bit of risk working for a health insurance company these days, but my particular field of social media is booming and I could apply this knowledge and these skills many other places if need be.  Relationally, I am blessed and quite happy.

So I feel secure in many ways.  I am fortunate.  But that is because I live up to my own definitions of security – not someone else’s.  What about you?

Leap year lesson #129 is Security is subjective.

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