Leap Year Lesson #172: Small Decisions Can Lead to Big Accomplishments

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Decision Making
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Life isn’t so much about making a few big decisions as it is about making more frequent small decisions.  Oh sure, there are enormously important big choices we make that change the course of our lives – career, relationships, faith, etc. – but the day-to-day is lived in a much smaller arena.

I made a couple of seemingly small decisions today, but they relate to bigger goals I want to achieve.

One decision has to do with getting back to my ideal running weight.  At 159 pounds, I’m not exactly overweight.  Still, my best days of running several years ago saw me around 150 or even in the upper 140s.  For the last few years I’ve hovered in the 150-155 range, but last December I jumped as high as 168 and it’s been harder than normal losing it.  As my friends know, I love junk food on occasion – White Castle, Smashburger, donuts, ice cream, etc.  I don’t eat it that often, but I see the impact on the scales when I do.  So small decision #1 today is no more fast food until I’m back down to 150.  Along with increased daily activity of 15,000 steps as measured on my pedometer as a part of my company’s 100 Day Dash challenge, I hope to get to that goal during the remainder of this challenge.

A second small decision today has to do with finances and priorities.  Ever since going to China in April and seeing the impact of distributing 7,500 Bibles, I’ve been more aware of how I can reduce discretionary spending and put that money to better use for others.  The first simple choice a few weeks ago related to this was to get less expensive athletic shoes than I normally would.  Today’s choice was to scale back to the minimum plan available on our monthly cable, thereby saving $50 per month.  That $600/year savings will pay for nearly 300 Chinese Bibles shared by about 1500 people – far more important than me watching any TV channel.

Neither decision is earth-shattering in itself, but small decisions for a healthier body for my benefit, and a simpler lifestyle so others can benefit seem like better choices in the end.

Leap year lesson #172 is Small decisions can lead to big accomplishments.

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