Leap Year Lesson #222: There Is a Fine Line Between Disappointment and Discouragement

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Expectations
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I recently blogged about starting a new class at my church and having the less-than-impressive beginning of nobody showing up the first Sunday.  I continued to study and was likewise prepared for the second date of the class today. Again, nobody came.

The first empty class was disappointing, but I still had confidence to move forward in hopes that things would turn around.  I have to admit that the second empty class today caused my attitude to go from disappointed to discouraged.

I’m not giving up yet.  It may be that for this particular audience I have a lot more I need to do to make it work.  It may also be that we just didn’t make a very good call in thinking this through and that we need to rethink the decision or the audience.  Perhaps the people involved are voting their displeasure of being removed from another class by their absence from both classes.  I’m not sure.

It would be a shame to have a willing teacher, good material, a nice place to meet, and then not take advantage of all of that, so I’m still committed to giving it a go, but I have to say it is with less confidence than I had a week ago.

Regardless of whether this ultimately turns out successful or not, what I discovered today is leap year lesson #222 – There is a fine line between disappointment and discouragement.

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