Leap Year Lesson #224: Work Where You Are Most Productive

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Focus
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I have previously written about the advantages and disadvantages of working at home.  Today was another example of that for me.

Last weekend when I was reviewing my calendar for this week, I noticed that I was the only one of my four-person team scheduled to be in the office today.  One person was taking the day off and the other two had informed the rest of us that they would be working from home today.  I looked at my calendar, saw no in-person meetings planned, and promptly sent out a notice to my team that I, too, would work from home today.

It’s always a pleasure to work sitting in my favorite recliner in comfortable clothes with my dog, Callie (shown here), curled up beside me.  I appreciate the fact that my manager has given our team the OK to work from home one day a week if we so choose.  I rarely do it, but it’s nice having that option.

Today was an example of how you can focus on one major task to get off your plate in the quiet of your home (assuming your home is quiet), in the end getting far more done than you might otherwise accomplish with the distractions found in the office.  I tackled a dreaded task today that would normally take several days in the office because of the interruptions and distractions.  I haven’t completed it yet, but I will before I go to bed.  It will be a significant accomplishment in an area I haven’t made progress all year.  It was much needed.

Some people concentrate best with headphones on and music blaring.  Some have other noises or surroundings such as a coffee shop that help them focus on getting something done.  For me, it’s the quiet of my man cave with no sounds except occasional conversation with my dog.  Put me in that environment and not only can I get work done, but I can work for far more hours in the day than I ever would in an office.

Companies need to allow their people to implement leap year lesson #224 – Work where you are most productive.

  1. wjryan says:

    When we focus on what we do rather than where we do it then culture will reflect honest commitment to performance and quality for the conversation will be on the deliverable instead of the desktop!

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