Leap Year Lesson #225: Be Selective About How You Fill Your Day

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Time Management
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While looking over my calendar today at work, I bemoaned the fact that I had more time scheduled in meetings than I really felt like I could afford to give if I was to get more pressing things done.  Fortunately, one long meeting was cancelled and another went for only half the time scheduled.

Still, I wasn’t too keen on that final meeting of the day.  Upon closer look, I was stunned to see that the meeting had 198 people invited to it.  Huh?  Are you serious?  Anything with 198 people invited is no meeting.  It may be a presentation, but it’s no meeting.  The subject of the meeting was in the “might be nice to know about, but not critical for my work” category.

I cancelled out of it and went about my work.   The beauty of it is that nobody will ever care that I wasn’t there.  I bet most of the 198 did the same.

Leap year lesson #225 is Be selective about how you fill your day.

  1. The Dad says:

    198 people???? #C’mon!

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