Leap Year Lesson #228: Cherish Time With Family

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Relationships
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Not intended to be representative of my family

We had one of the largest family gatherings at my parents’ farm today that we’ve had in a long while.  With four generations present and some just meeting newer family in person for the first time, it was a great day of catching up and spending time with those you have loved all your life as well as others you rarely see.  As suspected, a lot of focus was on my one-year-old granddaughter as the youngest one present.

Its amazing how you can get with family you grew up with and sort of pick up where you left off.  It’s always fun to recall stories of the past, to laugh together, and to be reminded that nothing is stronger than a solid family tie.

I am incredibly fortunate when it comes to the family I grew up in and still have in my life.  I will never take any of them for granted.

Days like this, though, also remind me that not everyone has a large, strong family background with continuing ties throughout life.  Some have had to endure things I can’t imagine and would never wish on anyone.  For such people, I hope that they are able to adopt new family members who in the absence of a genetic bond provide all the love and acceptance a family should.  Perhaps you can even be such an adopted family member to someone in need of better future family memories than the ones that scar their past.

I love times with my family, especially my extended family.  They are all too rare.

Leap year lesson #228 is Cherish time with family.

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