Leap Year Lesson #227: Talk Things Through

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Decision Making
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In yesterday’s post, I admitted to struggling with something that had really been bothering me.  I’m sure I’ll continue to struggle somewhat with it, but the amazing thing to me was that as soon as I had written about it, I felt better.  Thinking through it enough to put it down in black and white went a long way to easing the tension and helping me get a better perspective on the matter and on what I need to do.

In hindsight, that should be no surprise to this lifelong introvert who internalizes things to the point of eruption, unlike my many extroverted friends and acquaintances who can easily get things off their chest anytime any day and then keep moving.  My wife and I have had this very conversation before because we are completely different in this regard.

So to the extroverts out there who naturally talk about whatever is on your mind (whether others around you want you to or not), you don’t need today’s lesson learned.  But to my fellow introverts who internalize matters and let them eat away at you for long periods before doing anything to address them, I encourage you to do more than churn the issues inside your head.  Write things down; talk about them out loud – even if only to yourself, but preferably to others.  The process of doing so can help bring clarity out of the chaos.

Leap year lesson #227 is Talk things through.

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