Leap Year Lesson #233: Some Days Don’t Have Learning Moments

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Learning
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When I began this year of blogging about daily lessons learned, I wrote that my daily framework centered around three words – ground, stretch and reflect.  After making sure each day is grounded in strengthening that which is at my core, and after stretching to do more than others expect of me throughout the day, I reflect on the experiences of the day and capture at least one lesson learned.  Through 232 lessons, that worked without fail.

And then there was yesterday.

During that time at the end of the day when I was thinking about the events of the day, I drew nothing but a giant blank as I tried to come up with some lesson learned.  I don’t know if I was just too tired or didn’t try hard enough or if something else was going on, but the fact is that I just didn’t come up with a lesson for the day.  At least I didn’t until I slept on it.

Is is possible that we really can go through a day full of work and repetitive activity and not learn anything worth writing down?  Yes, it is.  But why is that so, and is it a good thing that it can happen?  Those are tougher to answer.

Where I’ve landed after having a day to periodically ponder yesterday is that some days are so filled with routine repetition that there really is nothing new experienced worth capturing.  All the end-of-day reflection in the world draws a blank because we just didn’t see or perceive or do or feel anything out of the ordinary.  If all of my days were like that or even if that happened regularly, it would concern me.  But the fact that this is lesson #233 before it has happened tells me that it’s a rare occurrence, indeed, and I’m OK with that.

Today was different and worthy of another post for tomorrow.

For now, though, leap year lesson #233 resulting from yesterday’s unexceptional routine is that Some days don’t have learning moments.

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