Leap Year Lesson #245: You Don’t Have to Do Everything You’d Like to Do

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Work-Life Balance
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Twice in the past two days I have failed to watch big events on TV as planned.  The first was Sunday when I took a long afternoon nap instead of watching a big football rivalry game between my Kentucky Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals.  Having recently cut back on our cable subscription and no longer getting ESPN, I would had to have gone somewhere to watch the game anyway, and I didn’t really want to leave my man cave.  So I did without.  Since the Cards beat the Cats anyway, I was much better off getting some sleep than being frustrated or upset.

The second missed event was Monday night when I again took a long nap (see a pattern?) after dinner, missing much of political convention coverage I intended to at least have on in the background as I did other things.  With all the news recaps of the key speeches, though, it’s apparent I didn’t really miss anything by napping instead because the next hour of news once I awoke played the same highlights about three times.  I think my nap did me more good than watching it live would have done.

The simple thought that these last two days bring to mind is that I do not have to always experience firsthand every event in which I might have an interest.  It is OK for me to rest and do what the body seems to be calling me to do and, somehow, the world will still go on.  In fact, it will go on from a more rested and peaceful standpoint personally.

Like many of you, I’m a busy person with numerous items on my to-do list daily.  I rarely get them all done.  There are times, though, when we have to distinguish between the events we must do and those we’d like to do.

Leap year lesson #245 is the humbling but welcome realization that You don’t have to do everything you’d like to do.  It’s OK to give the hamster wheel a rest from time to time.

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