Leap Year Lesson #250: It’s Satisfying to Challenge Yourself and Succeed

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Goals
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I completed a major 100-day goal today.  On June 4, my company, Humana, started a 100 Day Dash for employees.  Over 14,000 signed up to participate in an effort to track their steps with a pedometer.  Many joined teams as I did.  I suspect most had some personal goal in mind.  The overall corporate goal was to record 5 billion steps – a goal passed with time to spare.  We’re almost to 6 billion as I write this.

My stepping goal was to average 15,000 per day for 100 days.  That’s about 7.5 miles per day.  Contrast that with my original goal for the year which was to get 10,000 steps per day three days per week for 2012.  It was a serious commitment to increase my daily activity for the challenge.

As of about an hour ago, I passed my goal of 1.5 million steps.  The challenge ends tonight at midnight, so I had to finish up the last 12,000 steps needed today.

Participating in this was purely voluntary.  Setting a personal goal was just that – a personal goal and not connected with the efforts of any of the other participants.  There were times when I wished the challenge wasn’t 100 days long.  That is a very long time to commit.  With the end in sight, though, these last several days, I knew I would hit my goal, so reaching the finish line was motivational.

One of the reasons I like running and doing challenges like this is that it is not so much a competition against others as it is a personal challenge to myself.  While I’m proud to place in the top 300 of the 14,200+ participants, the greater satisfaction comes from setting a high goal, being disciplined enough to stay with it and to see it through to completion.

In addition is the benefit of having lost about 15 pounds and being below my target weight since late July.  My eating habits have changed for the better and I consider myself healthier than I was before the challenge began.  Of course, my dog is happy with all the walks and jogs as well.

It was a good experience, but both body and mind need a break.

Leap year lesson #250 is It’s satisfying to challenge yourself and succeed.

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