Leap Year Lesson #251: Value is Relative

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Values
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One of the fun things I’m doing during my time off from work this week is visiting some pizza places I’ve never been to before.  Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to Mellow Mushroom Pizza in St. Matthews, KY.  It was tasty and had a great atmosphere, but was too pricey to suit us, and the service was too slow.  We may go back for the convenience of a place we can walk to and the variety of menu choices, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to go there due to the price.

Tonight we went to The New Albanian Brewing Company off Grant Line Rd. in New Albany, IN.  Along with my son and daughter-in-law, we enjoyed very good food and excellent service, all for half the price per person as Mellow Mushroom.  We had to drive across the Ohio River and go very much out of our way to get there, but it was worth it and I would happily return.

I still have one more place I want to try this week – Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint in Louisville.  I’ll add a comment to this post after I’ve been there to let you know how it goes.

From experiencing the first two establishments, it is apparent that a simple meal of pizza and drinks can vary widely in price.  That isn’t news to anyone who has experimented with everything from store-bought frozen pizza to delivery from a major chain, to a more enjoyable dining experience elsewhere.  So how do you decide which to patronize?

Sometimes, you may just have to go with what is fastest or cheapest or most convenient, but if you have a choice, what makes one stand out?  That’s where the concept of value comes in, and not just in a financial sense, but also in the aspect of the question “What is important to you?”

Of the two we’ve visited this week, if we want convenience, Mellow Mushroom wins.  If we want financial value, New Albanian wins.

In life, there isn’t always a single right answer to the question of which is best – for pizza or a host of other choices.

Leap year lesson #251: Value is relative.

  1. Jeff Ross says:

    We finally were able to eat at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint last night. We like it. It was very different in that you order up front like you would at a taco or burrito bar with the server adding things to it in front of you as you place your order. Then within 10 minutes they bring it to you. I liked being able to choose a whole wheat crust and the sauce and cheese of my choice along with the other toppings. It was just over half the price of eating at Mellow Mushroom, so a better value in that regard. All the crusts are thin, though, so if you like a thick one, you’ll be disappointed here.

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