Leap Year Lesson #265: People Are More Important Than Things

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Priorities
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Even though today was supposedly a non-work day, I still had a number of personal things on my to-do list.  I needed to be here when the bathroom tile caulker came for a touch-up; write two blog posts; study and prep to teach my Bible study class tomorrow, plus do a little more study related to last week’s lesson; and create 36 CDs to set out at distribution racks at church in the morning.  Of course, walking the dog for a few miles is always on the list, and never too much time passes between check-ins and message exchanges on Facebook, Twitter and other online sites that are part of my constant, daily routine.

Tonight, though, was special in that it was our first night to keep our 18-month-old granddaughter overnight while her parents enjoy a nice dinner and theater performance with some friends.  It was a short evening of activity prior to her bedtime, but still a good one.  We went on a walk together; she played with her toys and had her Nana read her books; she ate dinner; she pushed her little stroller around the main floor of the house in a circle that took her through several rooms, insisting that I follow her every step of the way and loudly protesting if I lagged too far behind; and eventually she went down very quietly to sleep.

Before she went to bed, I got a kiss – and not me sneaking one from her, but of her leaning forward, puckering up and heading straight for my lips to kiss me goodnight.  How perfect is that?  They are just as sweet now as that first one I got the day before Valentine’s Day this year.

The night is still going strong for me.  I’m burning those CDs now as I write this and I’d like to study up on some investment options that I want to act on Monday.  However, when I reflect on the most important parts of my day, only two stand out:

  • time with my granddaughter;
  • an encouraging private message exchange with my nephew.

I am thankful to be reminded again and again of leap year lesson #265: People are more important than things.

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