Leap Year Lesson #264: Tackle That Next Major Renovation or Minor Touch-Up

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Change
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Later this morning a man will come to our house and do some minor touch-up work on the recently renovated master bath.  There are a few places where the caulking has cracked around some edges of the shower, so the company that did the work this summer is sending him to fix it.  It isn’t anything major – just a little annoyance that shouldn’t happen this soon after the work was done, so it needs repair.

A few months ago, there was nothing but open space in the gutted upstairs as everything that was there previously for our two boys’ bedrooms and attic space was removed to make room for a new master suite to be constructed from the ground up.  The work ahead of the renovation company at that point was quite a bit different than the little touch-up that awaits them today.

When I consider the changes that have taken place in the past or need to happen in the future for me personally, they can also be grouped into the larger categories of major renovations that take a lot of time to overhaul versus those that are little touch-up jobs along the way.  Deciding to lose 20 pounds this year took several months of more activity and a change of eating habits that has to continue if I want to keep those pounds off (so far, so good).  Getting a better handle on my retirement financial preparation has taken a lot of study and changes in investments over the past 13 months as I put things in place for retiring in another 10-12 years.  Both of the above changes are significant.  They take more time and effort.  Other minor ones along the way have happened with less planning, less time and minimal effort.

Do you have anything that needs a major overhaul in your life – internal or external?  Have you been dissatisfied with some minor things that could use a touch-up job here and there?  If so, make the decision and do something today to move in the right direction.  The major overhauls aren’t easy, but you sure do enjoy them once they’re complete.

Leap year lesson #264 is Tackle that next major renovation or minor touch-up.

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