Leap Year Lesson #263: Each Season of the Year and of Life Has Its Wonders

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Attitude
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As the temperatures turned cooler in the evenings this week in Louisville, Kentucky, I was actually a little excited to put on a warm sweatshirt and take my dog for a walk.  Not much beats the cozy comfort of a sweatshirt on a crisp, cool day.  Add my horrible looking, soft lounge pants that would embarrass anyone but me, settle in my man cave with my favorite beverage and my dog nestled up to me, and life is good.  This week we even got to experience for the first time the heated floors we put in during a recent remodel of our kitchen and master bath – another reason to be glad for the chilly temps.  Our feet were very happy.

Each season of the year brings with it its own joys – things to look forward to like the beautiful snow-covered scenes in winter, the arrival of new life and flowers in the spring, the sunny, warm days of summer and the colors of fall before the leaves leave the trees.  I suppose you can find things you don’t like about each season as well, but why would you want to concentrate on those instead of the things you enjoy?

The same goes for seasons of life.  We can’t stop the progression from one season to the next.  We can get disgruntled and dread those changes we don’t like, or we can choose to look forward to the wonderful parts of new seasons of life – independence, marriage, parenting, career changes, grandchildren, retirement, etc.

There is much that is right and good and wonderful about each season of the year and each season of life.  Choose to concentrate on the good and enjoy the season.

Leap year lesson #263 is Each season of the year and of life has its wonders.

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