Leap Year Lesson #304: Technology Upgrades Can Bring Positive Change

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Change
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For a large chunk of the past 48 hours I have been immersed in the fun that comes with upgrading to a new phone – updating contacts, downloading apps, setting up things the way I want them to be, getting rid of junk that comes on the phone that I don’t want, organizing the interface to be friendly, testing out a bunch of new features that make me wonder how I got along with my previous device as long as I did.  You know the drill, especially if you’ve been in the smartphone world for a while.

Now that I have my Samsung Galaxy Note II organized pretty much the way I want it, today’s test is to let it run constantly in the background, playing all the music I transferred to it from my old phone in order to test the battery life and to weed out older songs I no longer want to keep around.

In fact, the whole process of making the switch from one phone to another is a great opportunity to clean out some of the old and focus on the new.  As I was going through the contacts I have stored, I decided there was no good reason to keep some of those people as contacts any more.  They are from days, places of employment and lives past that I don’t see in my future.  I know it sounds kind of cold, but it was time to let go of some.

New Years is the most natural time to say good bye to the old and to focus on the new.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t and shouldn’t do so from time to time during the year.  Upgrades in technology can be an opportunity for such change.  Instead of dreading your next phone or PC upgrade, then, take advantage of it and use it as a time to clean up shop – remove old contacts, old apps, old files, and concentrate on breaking new ground with a fresh start.

Leap year lesson #304 is Technology upgrades can bring positive change.

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