Leap Year Lesson #339: Working at Home Can Be Time-Intensive, But Satisfying

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Work Ethic
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Dog On LaptopAs I post this, it’s after 2:00 a.m. Thursday and I’ve already put in 38 hours for work this week.  That is due in part to working from home Wednesday where I sat on my keester in my recliner for at least 14 hours cranking out tasks, nearly emptying my inbox, and getting more done than I could in 2-3 days in the office.  It makes for a long day, but there is great satisfaction in what gets accomplished when working from a quiet place where the only interruption is the dog’s occasional request to go outside, crawl in my lap, or throw a ball across the room.

On days like this, I waver between stopping at some reasonable number of hours versus going on and on to get as much done as possible.  In the end, I usually keep going.

Is it healthy to put in nearly 40 hours before you even go in to work Thursday-Friday (and some on Saturday)?  Not if it’s an every-week occurrence.  But as I’ve shared before, I love what I do and it is certainly not an imposition to sit in the comfort of my ugly lounge pants and t-shirt with my favorite beverage and man’s best friend curled up beside me, even if it is for 14 hours of nearly non-stop work.  Scratching another task off the list every few hours makes it worth the time.

The day has gone so well, in fact, that I decided my final task for the night would be to schedule every Wednesday as a work-at-home day for the next couple of months to try to get in the habit of a mid-week work-fest to stay on top of things.  The long hours are offset by the pleasure and comfort of being home and the fact that I will not be in the office more than two days in a row for a good while to come.  My thanks to a very understanding manager who allows me this flexibility and who does the same when he knows he has a lot on his plate and needs a respite from office distractions.

Leap year lesson #339 is Working at home can be time-intensive, but satisfying.

  1. I also choose to do most of my work from home and the difference I’ve seen in my efficiency versus working in an office is drastic. I do know that not everyone can do what we do–working so intently for hours and hours where we sometimes forget to stop and eat. But it’s how I function best. I love being able to get 2-3 day’s worth of tasks done in one day and have the rest of my week to pursue new business ventures or to travel. It’s an entrepreneurial lifestyle I embrace.

    • Jeff Ross says:

      That sounds wonderful, Stephanie. I know exactly what you mean. I agree that the self-discipline to work at home isn’t a given for all. Congrats on redeeming the time so wisely!

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