Leap Year Lesson #340: It’s Nice When Others Check Up On You

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Relationships
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True FriendsIn a hectic life and world where too many commitments can easily fill one’s day, it’s a nice reminder that others care when they check in on you to make sure you’re OK.  That happened to me today when a dear friend of many years sent me a message expressing her concern because of my recent schedule and lack of sleep which I had noted on Facebook posts the last couple of nights.

I explained that the week was a bit unusual and that I have, in fact, cut back in several ways in recent months.  My late hours and many extra hours of work this week have been purely voluntary as I try to knock off things from my to-do list that have been there too long to suit me.  While it’s true that I need to get more hours of sleep on average than I do, I willingly pushed that limit for a couple of nights knowing I can rest as much as I choose this weekend.

It felt good when I saw the message expressing concern for my health.  That happens only because someone cares, and that is always a good thing.  There have certainly been times when my stubbornness would not welcome such concerns, but today was not one of those times.  I thanked her and invited her to call me on it anytime she thought I was pushing the limit.

In many areas of life, accountability partners are recommended to help someone pursue positive change and lifestyles.  I am around a lot of such accountability at work, especially in the area of well-being and physical health.  That’s good.  It’s effective and always serves as a reminder that we’re not in this life alone – or at least we don’t have to be if we will allow others into our lives.

At times, you will be the one checking in with others to make sure they’re OK and maybe to give them a little tough love.  Sometimes, though, you need to be on the receiving end of the check-in.  My thanks to today’s friend.  You know who you are.

Leap year lesson #340 is It’s nice when others check up on you.

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