Top Posts For First Quarter, 2013

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Blogging
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Top 5Like any blogger, I like taking a look at which posts garner the most views over different periods of time.  Here are my top five posts written in 2013 so far with the number of views as of April 7 in parentheses:

1. The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made As An Employee (942)

2. Are You Doing What You Love To Do? (335)

3. What Annoys Me the Most About Coworkers (302)

4. The Best Behaviors I’ve Shown As An Employee (296)

5. A Time To Be Born (199)

Looks like the work-related posts are topping the charts.  A blogger with any sense would take that valuable information and learn from it, letting it guide the subject matter of most future posts.

I never claimed to have much sense.

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