2013 Goals Update – September 5

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Goals
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Progress ReportThe year is fast appearing in the rear view mirror. It’s time again for a monthly status update on how I’m coming with my goals for the year. I first published them here on January 1 – eleven goals divided into the categories of body, mind and spirit. I share updates here monthly as a public way of holding myself accountable. I color-code the goals with green indicating that I am on or ahead of schedule, orange if I am slightly behind schedule, or red if I am dangerously behind schedule.

I am very pleased to let you know that August was an outstanding month in getting back on track with a few of the goals that were in jeopardy. Thanks to taking a week of vacation and actually using it for things other than work, I caught up quite a bit – not entirely, but meaningfully. I’ll be taking another week off in mid-September to do more of the same, so things are looking up.

That said, here is where I stand after 2/3 of 2013 is behind us.

Goals related to body:

1. Keep my weight at or below 150 pounds. All is well on this goal. I stay 2-3 pounds below my max now to allow a little cushion for splurges here and there.

2. Walk/jog/run a total of 10,000 steps per day three days per week – COMPLETE. In terms of total number of days for the year, this was completed in early August. I’m averaging over 18,000 steps per day for all of the days so far in my company’s 100 Day Dash campaign that ends September 10. I’ll keep at the 18,000/day average through the campaign and then return to the goal of 10,000 steps 3 days/week thereafter just because it’s good for my health.

3. Average at least six hours of sleep per night. I don’t measure this, but more nights than not I believe I get this amount of sleep. I know I’m taking more naps than previous years! That’s fun. After the 100 Day Dash, I intend to purchase a device that will help me track sleep. On a related note, I’m thinking about increasing this goal to 7 hours/day in 2014. That would be radical for me, but I think I hear my body calling me to that.

Goals related to mind:

1. Read a book every other week. I have only completed nine books this year. I should have 17 complete by now to be on pace. (Of course, one I’ll finish in September has over 2,700 pages, so I suppose it should count as more than one, but I’m counting it as only one.) I read quite a bit during my vacation and have completed two books since last month’s report as well as a significant portion of the ESV Study Bible that is related to another goal below. I’ll plan on more of the same during my September vacation week. I may not reach the 26 book goal for the year, but I’ll keep plugging away.

2. Blog every other day (at least). I’m glad to report that as of this post I have caught up on this goal, posting 124 times so far this year. Ideas have been flowing with a little more frequency lately (could it be the mind-clearing vacation?) and I have a short list of topics on hand already to write about in coming days.

3. Continue to follow My 3 Words: Ground, Stretch, Reflect. All is well here. If you don’t know what this refers to, read this post.

4. Double the blog’s readership from 10,000 views in 2012 to 20,000. As of this post, I am only a little more than 2,000 views away from this goal, so I should reach this by early October if not late September.

5. Continue to write hand-written letters to my sons. I have written drafts of the next letters to send to my sons. I’m now in the period of several days when I revise them nightly for a while before committing to the final contents. They’ll get hand-written and distributed by sometime next week.

Goals related to spirit:

1. Finish reading the ESV Study Bible and read half of The Apologetics Study Bible. I made up a lot of ground on this goal during vacation last month. I have finished the biblical text of the ESV and the accompanying notes on that text. What I still lack are the additional articles unrelated to specific passages, which is a few hundred pages. I hope to finish that during my September vacation week and then start my journey through The Apologetics Study Bible.

2. Review 100 Bible memory verses weekly. I’m on track with this.

3. Come to some resolution regarding an unsettled situation where I worship – COMPLETE.

It feels good to have a great month in August where I made up some ground. With lots of vacation time built up at work, I’ll continue to take a week off per month for a while to allow time to reach more of these goals than would otherwise be possible. I’m also seriously thinking about my 2014 goals and have started a list of possibilities. There will be some definite changes, although I like the well-roundedness of categorizing them by body, mind and spirit. I’m inclined not to set goals for things have have pretty much become lifestlye habits by now, so I may still do some of the things listed above but just not track them and report on them. I’ll be more realistic in some areas where I bit off more than I could reasonably chew this year. I have a couple of new, ambitious goals in mind for 2014 that I will decide on by year’s end and announce at the appropriate time.

So that’s the report after eight months of 2013 on my goals for body, mind and spirit. What about you? How are you doing on your goals for the year?

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