Building an Online Community? Think Settling the West

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Online Communities
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saloonI’m pleased to have the following article published today at Social Media Explorer:

So You’re Thinking About Starting an Online Community? Think Settling the Wild West – Not Filling a Stadium

I’m involved in frequent conversations about starting new communities. There are right and effective ways of doing so, and there are wrong and ineffective ways. This article uses an analogy of how the west was won to discuss the better approach to starting an online community. Read it and tell me what you think. I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Campusgrids says:

    In my opinion, building your own community is way better than buying one because you get to learn from your mistakes and build the second one even better. Buying one in my opinion isn’t really an accomplishment, but if you have a lot of money why not ?

    The staff that you hire is also an important part , you need to find a motivated team that wants to work hard and one that you have confidence with.

    We are looking forward for your next blogs, we are a new startup called Campusgrids, we launched this mobile app a couple of months ago in the Ottawa Region for testing and would love any advice you have on building an internet presence ! We are also working on a crowdfunding campaing (Indiegogo).

    Co-founder at Campusgrids

    • Jeff Ross says:

      When I refer to building vs. buying in the article, I’m referring to the platform, not the community. There are a number of viable platforms on the market that will allow a company to focus on the real aspect of community building more quickly – the relationships and meeting the needs of participants – so that you can succeed the first time.

      Going with such a platform is much cheaper than investing in the software development of building your own platform and also much quicker. I wasn’t talking about buying a community. Of course you have to build the community from scratch when starting one.

      I agree that who you hire to lead the community is a critical decision. Community managers can make or break a community.

      Thanks for your comments. I wish your startup great success.

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