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I love web tools that are easy and fun to use.  While I’ve seen many stories from others, I never bothered to set up my own account and experiment with it until the last few days.  The basic idea behind Storify is that you can easily grab text, graphics, video, social media posts, etc. from various places and arrange them in a “story” on Storify, adding your own text to narrate and explain as needed.

Storify-Ending-7-27-13For my first story, I wanted to simply grab the tweets and retweets I posted on Twitter for the past week around the subjects of community management and social media, and add a little commentary along the way.  You’ll find the story here.  What is especially nice is that the tweets are fully interactive through the links on each tweet (unlike the static image here on the right).  It is simple to locate what I want through a search on Storify or by normal web browsing and then selecting the contents to add.  The sort buttons and bare bones text editing capabilities keep the interface simple but functional.

I’m planning on starting a weekly Twitter chat in September and have spent some time this past week exploring options to archive those chats.  I think I’ve found the simple, quick, effective solution I need to do just that.

Thanks, Storify!

Twitter logoI continue to be amazed at how much I learn each and every week from following key people related to the subjects of social learning, collaboration and community management. By taking the time to read the articles linked in their many posts, I am getting a better and more relevant education now on these subjects than by any other means past or present. Below are my 71 tweets I retweeted for the week ending 5/7/2011 plus one or two of my own. Enjoy!

2011-05-07 23:53:35
daily list of articles from links by people followed by @JaneHart of @C4LPT at


Most of what I learn these days I learn via Twitter – not because of what is in the 140 characters themselves but mostly because of the articles and other content found in the links provided. If someone ever says to you “You can’t teach or learn something in 140 characters,” they are dead wrong. Follow the links. Feast on the filling, satisfying substance found there.

Below are 100 tweets I deemed worthy of retweeting from among the thousands perused for the week. I actually retweeted more than 100 for the week, but I’ll limit these blog summaries to 100. To see them all, you’ll need to go to my Twitter stream at  Enjoy.


Ale-8Of the few thousand tweets I read and countless links I followed for the week ending April 23, 2011, here are the 67 I found worth retweeting. Grab your favorite beverage, get cozy and follow these links for some interesting and worthwhile reading. And if you’re inclined to thank me for all the time I just saved you by mining these gems for you, I accept any kind of chocolate and my favorite beverage (Ale-8) as tokens of appreciation. Enjoy!


Much of what I learn via Twitter comes from following the links supplied by trusted sources. Each week on Next Practices I will post a summary of all that I have retweeted from others (plus maybe a few of my own) from the previous week. Some are links. Some are insights. These plus all of my own tweets can be found on my Twitter feed at Below are the 71 gems discovered for the week of April 10-16, 2011: