Summary of Lessons Learned From January

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Post Summary

Each of the 366 days in 2012 I am committed to writing a brief lesson learned (no more than 366 words). Monthly I will post a summary of them here with the title and link. 

Here are the lessons learned from January:

1. New Beginnings Are Good

2. Stop Regretting and Start Doing

3. Set Realistic Goals

4. Have a Framework. My Three Words.

5. Learn to Say “No”

6. Be There

7. Go the Extra Mile (or Step)

8. Listen to Your Body

9. Reduce the Noise

10. Tackle Hard Things

11. Don’t Burn Bridges

12. Use It or Lose It

13. Get Important Things Done Early

14. Respect is Earned

15. Remodeling is Messy, but Worth It

16. Read Important Things Out Loud

17. Act Your Way Into the Right Feeling

18. Pace ourself

19. Decide in Advance

20. Don’t Give Up the Wrong Thing

21. Use Your Capabilities To Do Good Things

22. Concentrate On Your Strengths

23. Spend Time With Someone Unlike You

24. Better Early Than Late

25. Know What Makes You Smile

26. External Consultants Are Overrated

27. Use the 3 C’s When Forming Teams

28. People Are More Important Than Things

29. The More Transparency, the Better

30. It May Be Time for a House (or Office) Cleaning

31. It Takes Baby Steps​​​

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